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Re: Blake, what are we up to?

From: blake
Date: February 08, 2002
Time: 13:07:41


Well, I bought a 318 for my dart back in december, and as I get money, I have been doing some stuff to it. As of now, I have 360 heads to go on it, and with everything else that has been done to the block, it will go along well. Now, I have bought everything for the motor, all new, and I had the transmission rebuilt a few weeks ago, and starting sunday, I should be getting ready to put it in. I am going to have a mechanic oversee me to make sure that I do it right, and hopefully, I will have that dart going in about three weeks to a month. Then, With the power that the motor is going to be putting out (around 300 horse), I am going to put a positraction rear end with disc brakes all around this summer. Along with that, I am going to put rims and tires on it. Speaking of, the dart has such a unique body style, finding rims that will fit the personality of the car and make it look good is going to be hard, do you have any ideas as to what would look good, if you want, I can e mail you a picture, that way you can get the feel of it, but thanks a lot eddie. Any help is welcome, and thanks for the help you have already given me.


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