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Re: trans. questions

From: Mike Patterson
Date: February 08, 2002
Time: 09:07:37


I think the problem you are going to run into is that it's not just the tail housing you'll have to replace (even if the tail housings interchange, which I'm not sure of). The output shaft of the transmissions are not the same as the 64 is splined for the slip yolk and the 62 has diffrent splines for the brake drum and threads for the nut holding the brake drum on. To get the output shafts out, you will have to dissamble both transmissions and at least put one back together. If your not doing the work yourself, you'll still be paying for a rebuild +. (That's providing the parts actually do interchange.) I hate to say it, but it looks like in the long run your better off either using the 64 with a later read end or rebuilding the 62 tranny. Good luck.


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