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To guy with '58 Fury: change car to single 4 bbl. to improve mileage

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 07, 2002
Time: 20:49:19


A 1958 Motor Trend test states a 350 A/T Fury only got 8.4 mpg city,10.2 highway average! Compare this to a '69 Sport Fury 383 A/T (stock) that I had that got 13-14 city and 17-18 highway! Take those gashog dual 4's and hang 'em on your garage wall (they look so cool as a display),put on a modern 4 barrel and manifold (383-400 LB) and head out to the highway! Changing to a modern carb will increase your torque and horsepower across the rpm range as well. FORGET any trans. swaps,this should give you the mileage increase you want! I'd bet if you had two '58 Furys,one with the stock dual 4's and an overdrive,and one with a modern single 4 and no O/D,that the single carb-no O/D car would get the better mileage of the two! The carb change can be reversed any time you want,as well...


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