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Re: Mopar VS Chevy

From: Gary
Date: February 03, 2002
Time: 15:32:25


Wonderful story, Kenny! Yes, your observations are quite accurate. There always seems to be a few elitists who manage to irritate the average folks. That is somewhat true with Mopar folks too, but since they already are a minority, it's less evident. When I was involved with a Mopar club, we always made an effort to encourage and include the kid with the rusty Duster or unrestored '48 DeSoto. Their love for their car was no less than the show-winning Hemi-Cuda. I usually found they were more fun to visit with than the guy who spent $50,000 having someone else restore his trailer queen. I treat people the same way they treat me, and because of past experience, I don't enter my car in all-make shows anymore. It just saves me a lot of agitation. Besides, the last show I entered had awards for best early Corvette, best late Corvette, best Chevy 55-57, best GM intermediate, best GM convertible, best GM full size, best GM '54 and older, best late model and best GM truck, etc. Ford had awards for '54 and older, best Thunderbird, best truck, '55 and newer, best Mustang, best late model, etc. There was one award for best Mopar and one for best anything else. There were about a dozen Mopars in attendance, and a couple of others left after they saw the list of awards. I'm not a trophy hunter, but they might as well have put up a sign saying "Mopars unwelcome"!


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