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Re: Mopar VS Chevy

From: Kenny J.
Date: February 03, 2002
Time: 10:35:06


Just my two cents worth....I own Mopars and Chevys. I have found the that the Mopar people with the really rare or high performance models are generally nice to fellow Mopar fans who have four doors, wagons and "grocery getters." A larger percentage of Chevy fans with muscle cars who torment Mopar owners also harrass and ridicule fellow Chevy hobbyists who have six bangers, sedans, three on the trees, two barrel V-8s, single exhaust, etc. Some of these jerks have hassled me for "wasting" N.O.S. trim and mechanical parts on my '59 Impala four door hardtop. I then remind them they didn't purchase these same parts for their rides when they had the chance. I did have one bad experience with a Mopar guy at a local car show. This guy had a nice '56 Plymouth sedan. He ignored me as I looked the car over and refused to allow me to engage him in conversation. Another guy who owned a '61 Plymouth was looking over the '56. The '61 owner and I began talking and I mentioned that I had a '59 Plymouth. Once the owner of the '56 overheard me, he wanted to ask me some questions. I suppose I should have been a big man about it and answered him, but he had dissed me in front of my family by ignoring me earlier, so I just walked away. In any event, I figure my hobby is supposed to be fun and unlike work, church or family, I do not need to endure anybody I don't get along with. One more story...during the winter of 1982-'83, my winter beater '68 Charger R/T suddenly died on an off ramp during a Milwaukee snow storm. A county sheriff deputy gave me a push onto the surface streets and called a tow for me. I had no tools with me and the deputy and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. The car cranked nicely, but had no spark. AAA towed me to a neighorhood garage. Two older mechanics proceeded to go over the ignition system with me, while some smirking young smart alect mechanic kept taunting me about how much Mopars sucked, that it was probably the ballast resistor or some hidden fusible link the "idiots at Chrysler designed", etc., etc. Finally, one of older mechanics discovered the coil wire was bad. He gave me another coil wire for free and shoved my old one under the young punk's nose. He then said, "Stop hassling our customer and read this!" The kid took the bad coil wire and read the printing on the insulation: "Delco Remy."


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