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Re: Mopar VS Chevy/Horror Story-S

From: 'Toe Nail'
Date: February 01, 2002
Time: 08:48:36


I have another MoPar horror story to relate. I went ( as a spectator) to a rather large local car show, one that was NSRA sanctioned, and as usual it was miserably hot. Even hotter with the heat comming off the asphalt parking lot. I found some shade under the registration tent. After about a half hour I was asked if I could help with the registration process. (several of that car clubs members didn't show up and they were short handed. I barely knew one or two of the people there and they did not know me.) All I had to do was stuff the 'goody bags' and hand them out. STUFF GOODY BAGS FOR FREE SHADE? You bet! I even carried some of their garbage bags over to the dumpster which was several hundred yards away. I had shade, several free beers/pizza and pop, and I got to see the vehicles as they came in, stopped/registered. (I think I had it made) Everything went fine untll later in the day, when several of the club members/judges were talking about which vehicles were going to 'trophy'. (I WAS NOT involved wih this process in anyway!) It seems that there was a 'Cop car' class, couple of nice Fords, (privatly restored) and several nicer MoPars, most were state or municipality sponsered/restored. One that impressed me the most, other than a '58 Ford 4-door CHIP car. It had a 430 Lincoln motor with a 'three on the tree', was a Maryland State Police '63 Chrysler. I think it was a Newport. Odd though, that it only had a 361 HP. Anyway, EVERYTHING was period perfect. Ticket book, light, siren, radar unit even the cop's uniform! There was a ton of literature telling the complete history of the car. Now this car was a 'trailer queen' My view on THAT subject, there shouldn't 'trailer queens' in the same cass as 'driven cars'! Anyway, back to the orginal story, I overheard one of the judges say, "That there is NO WAY that he or anyone else is going to give a trophy to any Chrysler, period!" So what they did, was shuffle the cop car class in with the class that had the '57 Chevys. You guessed it, none of the cop cars even trophyed. That '63 was SO clean that there wasn't any little pebbles in the period 1963 high speed nylon Blue Streak tires! There was some Chevys that were not even touched underneath, that beat out ALL of the cop cars. Several months later I heard one of the reasons why that '58 Ford CHIP didn't get anything. It was this so called Street Rod Ford expert said that Ford didn't offer a HP 430 Lincoln motor in their cop cars. Another Ford cop car there, was a Virginia '57 two door with a 312 HP and a three on the tree. The rest of the MoPar cop cars there were the '69-'73 vintage. Ohio, Pa, and Indiana, I think. ALL had that 440 HP 'lopey' idle, and the ones with the mufflers and resonators were loud enough to get a 'ticket' (LOL) So why even bother to go to any mixed make shows if the participants/judges are THAT biased/mouthy!?


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