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Re: chevies always had rear frame problems

From: ted von wyl
Email: von
Date: February 01, 2002
Time: 00:52:32


every chevie my cousins and my uncles ever had broke in half right above the rear my dad had a 67 lemans that had the frame welded so many times there was very little of the original frame uncle had a 67 gto that looked to be perfect till you grabbed hold of the rear bumper and could move the bumper and the end of the frame in the back of the car up and down because it was completely broken wife had a79 monte carlo before i met her and it also had to be welded over and over till she said it became unsafe. but these our the same cars that the generic motors boys think are so much better than every thing else.the last show i went too,i got beat by a 85 olds. 4 door that wasnt even washed (as if it should matter,it had no buisness being there any car was a fully restored #s maching 440 magnum 68 charger rt that looks like the car from bullett. but there was mostly chevy girls there so its not hard to figure out how something as stupid as that could just glad to see its not my imagination, and that a lot of people see this.


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