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Re: Mopar VS Chevy/Horror Story-S

From: 'Toe Nail'
Date: January 28, 2002
Time: 14:25:56


OK, here is why I will not go to any local mixed make car shows, (I ONLY go to MoPar shows, and very few of them) and dispise anything Chevy. I'm bombarded almost on a daily basis, why am I screwing around with a bunch of 'damned old Chryslers' for! If you wat a 'good' car fix up a Chevy instead of wasting time on some worthless Chrysler. 1992 I had 3 of the 4 '58 'tail-fin' MoPar muscle. '58 Fury, '58 300-D, '58 Adventure, (no motor). I'll cut the story short. A BIG Chevelle lover accidently (? on purpose) set fire to my garage. Two of the biggst MoPar haters in this area, took Bobby to a steak house and bought him a steak dinner for 'ridding the world of some 'dammed old Chryslers'! #1 hater, has a junk yard, big Earnhardt fan and very small sponser. Any thing MoPar comes into his yard gets mashed. He is rich enough to buy two of the top 25 NSRA Rods, Chevy of cource, and three Corvettes, one a Z-R1. MoPar hater #2 was at a local McDonalds car show, and shouted to MoPar hater # 1 why don't you mash all of the f&^$#@n Chryslers, the only thing they are good for is to set fire to. He then proceded to kick a door of a '50 Plymouth. The Plymouth was far form a show car. (I've seen daily drivers in better shape) The Ply owner jumped up and tore into MoPar hater # 2. MoPar hater's # 1 and 2's friends then proceded to put the Ply owner and who ever was with him in the Hospital. Ply owner later then sues Mopar hater 1 and 2. He LOST because MoPar hater 2 is handicaped!! Ply owner not only lost his 50 Ply, (which was promptly mashed) he lost his double wide! After my fire in April '92 I tried to sue Bobby for his two Chevelles. Smart guy. He owns nothing. Everything he ownes is/was in his mother's name. I couldn't get nothing! Bobby is flaunting his two Chevells, '70 SS 454 clone, a 67 SS 396. I made the comment to my lawer the I ought to take my old pick-up and 'accidently' take out the side of the black '70. The lawer told me that if I did that, and Bobby could proove that the black paint job cost ten grand, I would have to pay. I screamed, "Just whose side are you on!!!" "Bobby just wiped out all of my dreams and has set me back 20 years!" "You side with him?" Even the shrink asked a question that 'set me off' He wanted to know if I had a 'erection' during the fire!? Even several of my bosses at work have harrased me. One wanted to know , "That, now all of them Chryslers are burnt up, when am I gonna go out and get a Chevy?" The other boss just about got me fired, (automatic dissmisal for striking a formam) He laughed and wondered if I was going to burn up any more useless Chryslers"? Even some of my co-workers want to know when I'm gonna fix up a real car, a Chevy. So being subject to all of this harrasment, I've tried to fight back, by saying to the Chevy guys, Allright I'll 'fix up a Chevy' find me a LS-3. Do you have any? "No." Do you even know what a LS-3 is? "NO, I don't have time to keep up with all of that stuff." They don't even know everything about the precious Chevys they are trying to shove down my throat! It is to the point that I wouldn't piss in a Chevys guy's mouth if he was laying there with his f%$#&n teeth on fire! I DO NOT try to shove MoPar down someone else's throat, I wish they would do the same to me! I have more horror stories to tell. But it would only get me mad enough I might run my fist through this screen with 'pent-up anger'. So let's say, that with the MoPar vs. Chevy posts, I just had to tell this story! Just venting!


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