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Re: Mopar VS Chevy

From: Eddie M.
Email: Imperial57
Date: January 27, 2002
Time: 13:15:00


I remember my dad telling me the story about how he got his brand new 1957 Plymouth Savoy. We had a Chevrolet dealer about two blocks down and dad takes a look at them. Nice he said. He talks with the saleman, who can not come down in price. Dad walks.. He takes a bus to work and coming home he passes the Chrysler/ De Soto/ Plymouth dealer uptown and the bus stops in front. He takes a look at those Plymouths and man he is in love. Said it was a mean shape with the shadow and said it was like a shark on the prowl. Dad goes in and talks to the salesman. He leaves and comes back with about every dollar he could scrape up to buy it. Salesman says sorry son but you will need about three hundred dollars more. Dad had laid out all the money on the table and started picking it all up and walks out to the bus. Dad hails the bus , but the salesman starts charging out to Dad and says, "We'll take it, it's a deal for that price" They preped it, and the family drove around for 10 years with that car. Dad still laments about it to this day! We are still a Chrysler family to this day....45 years later.


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