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Re: Mopar VS Chevy

From: KevFin
Date: January 26, 2002
Time: 21:04:19


Hi Ted: Thank you for the reply. I can certainly understand your position. I too have encountered the type of person you are describing, but much less often, and oddly enough it was when I was at car shows with my 57 Chevy convertible. I took abuse from other Chevy guys who thought it was undignified that I had not done a frame off restoration on it. That it was therefore, unworthy of being displayed there. I think that they were not really representative of Chevy collectors in general though. From what was discussed I believe that they were just some rich snob types who got into cars in the 80's as an "investment" and picked whatever was the most expensive at the time. Take heart, I think they lost their shirts when the markets fell for some of these cars. These cars are now, for the most part, back in the hands of the true hobbiests and these investor types, who never knew vice grips from a pipe wrench are off to some other type of investment, Enron maybe? I am in it for the preservation of the artworks themselves, whoever the artist, if my car fell in price from x to y I could care less, it's not for sale anyway and never will be. (I'm having myself cloned for spare parts and plan to live forever)! Hope things go better for you at the next car show. I'd like to think that at least some of what you encountered was just good natured kidding, but I know how it can make you feel. Best regards, KevFin PS: I have 2 excellent 57 fenders and the stuff to make em into 58's so I'm probably all set Thanks for asking. I don't have much exess yet.


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