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Re: Mopar VS Chevy

From: ted von wyl
Email: von
Date: January 25, 2002
Time: 23:49:41


my real problem with chevies is not the cars,its the owners who mostly dont have an ounce of respect for any thing other than a chevy. i agree they both made beautiful cars, but 9 out of ten chevy people i talk to about my mopars have something smart to say,and im not imaginig that. i grew up in a mopar prefered family but my dad had a corvette at one time and used chevy vans almost as often as dodge for installing carpet.and i owned a67 chevelle conv. for a while(my only non mopar classic car i ever owned) and i always liked all cars as a kid. then i grew up and started seeing how people act. and it totally turned me against chevy,and you could say im totally closed minded about chevy now and one might say i act towards chevies the same way they act towards any thing non chevy. you are open minded and thats good,but i would like for you to go to the car shows only in your mopars and only talk mopars to the people you see pretend you dont even have any chevies and see how long it takes you to see what @#$holes these people can be(not all of them are @#$holes ive met nice opened minded chevie people but they are few and far between) every time i tell some one with a 55,56,or 57 chevy that i have a 57 belvedere they smart off and call it a boat as if there is really a major differance in size and the way do you need fenders for your plymouth ?and do you or anyone you know have any trim for a 57 belv. 2 door hard top?


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