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Mopar VS Chevy

From: KevFin
Date: January 25, 2002
Time: 22:16:31


Heheheheheeh! You guys crack me up! I enjoy reading these boards and have gained a lot of useful information from them. I especially get a kick out of the constant comparisons you guys make. I have a 58 Plymouth Belv. Sport Coupe I am restoring into a Christine, AND I have a 57 Chevy Dual Quad Convertible. Believe me, there is nothing to get worked up over, both automakers did a great job at the time and both had their virtues and their faults. 55-57 Chevys had horrible cable operated windshield wipers. More often than not they were vaccuum powered so anywhere past 1/4 throttle they simply stopped. Some rare few had electric motors, like a mopar, but even then the cables would invariably break, and its always the drivers side cable, the hardest one to replace! Today almost all of the survivor cars have the electric motors installed. That is the one part that wouldn't stay in a salvage yard for more that a day! Mopars on the other hand, had astonishingly shabby front end sheet metal, you really ought to see the 2 cars fenders and hoods removed and laying on the garage floor side by side! Both automakers built great engines. Although I have a preference, I see little difference in quality, power, or reliability! The simple fact is that overall, the Fifties cars were fantastic works of art, regardless of who made them. I enjoy driving my primered Plymouth coup just as well as the shiny Chevy, I don't see either car as better and more importantly I see ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENNCE in the reaction of the minivan owners at the gas station. I think that is an important point. I also have a 57 chevy 4 dr sedan and a 59 Dodge 4 dr sedan, again, no difference in reaction at a gas station whether I am driving a four door or the convertible. Only car collectors percieve any difference in desireability amoung the four different pieces. I for one think it is more imagined than real, sedans are tighter and more practical. We should all respect one anothers toys, regardless of manufacturer or body style, and put our efforts into saving what we can, whatever make model or body style, before the crusher gets it all. My hat is off to any of you who has restored anything that would otherwise have been lost, regardless of what it was you saved. Keep America beautiful, park your fins in front of a minivan, so as to obscure it from view! Now get off the computer and go clean those whitewalls again! -"KevFin"


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