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56 Belv -Leaking Shift cable

From: Jim
Date: January 14, 2002
Time: 20:45:06


I'd diagnosed a tranny leak on my 56 Belevedere to the O ring on the push button shift cable. The car had sat for several years before I started the restoration and the leak did not exist when last driven. While cleaning the area around the ehtry point on the tranny I discovered the rubber sheath aroung the cable had a split in it near the entry point. Four questions: Will fluid normally get into the cable sheath? If so, is it possible to use shrinkwrap tubing to seal the split? Is there another way to repair the rubber without replaing the entire cable? The cable has a single O ring but has a second groove that may have originally held another O ring. Does this cable need one or two rings? Thanks for any thoughts you have. Jim


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