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Re: Cast Iron Torqueflites/ Dennis

From: alumcan
Date: December 21, 2001
Time: 08:10:12


"Dennis The MoPar Mennis" I haven't the foggiest idea if any of these iron flites are totaly junk, or brand splinter new. Actually, I really don't care. If I ever can get over all of the hurdles, and somehow be able to make my dream car, I WILL NOT have any need for any iron flites. I just saved them for 'swappin' material', or for someone who actually NEEDS them. (like you) I'll tell you what, snce you 'aren't a biker, and don't have anything to trade, and if you,,,,,,now that's a lotta if's, can drive here and look at this pile, and think you can use any of it, why don't you offer me a 'Ben Franklin' and take the whole pile home with you! MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!


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