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Re: Cast Iron Torqueflites/ Dennis

From: Dennis
Date: December 18, 2001
Time: 09:39:55


Hi Jason, I wasn't sure if you got my last e-mail or not. Just reposting it here to be sure, since I haven't heard back. :) Hi Jason ! Great story ! Ah, I see you're a new comer to the NDC. I'm the 1950 Model year Coordinator, myself. I'm pretty knowledgeable about the 40's and 50's stuff, but when it comes to the newer stuff, post 55, I'm clueless as far as what interchanges with what, and so forth. I bought my '61 Newport on eBay a few months ago, because I couldn't find a '60-'61 DeSoto for a reasonabvle price. I love the car. Everything works great, except the trans. which jsut started acting up in the last month. So, hopefully, this will solve the problem. Now, I see there's a guy trying to sell his '60 in Nebraska. Could've bought it for $1200 !!!! ARGH !!! Oh well, hindsite is 20/20. Well, for my address.... Dennis Yarema, Jr. 47432 South Fork Macomb Twp., MI 48044 I look forward to hearing from you with the cost for shipping and handling! -Dennis


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