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Re: Carter WCFB verses AFB

From: alumcan
Date: December 13, 2001
Time: 21:33:35


Edward, What's a goin' on out there? Wouldn't happin to have any moonshine fer sale would you? LOL Yes Eddie, you are right that MoPar started using AFB's in '58,,,,,but,,,,for some unknown reason Mother MoPar still used WCFB's on the '58 300-D's. When I said in my earlier 'post' I could use a pair,,,,to be original, I'm SUPPOSED to use the WCFB's. But I have a problem with some sphincter telling me I have/did something wrong. Whose (censored) wrong? If, and that is one great big IF, everything goes right, and there is a lot that has to go right, on this car I'm trying to get made here, I probably will NOT be using WCFB's. Anyway we're gettin' off the subject here, compairing the superiorty of the AFB's to practially anything else, EXCEPT the Holly Double/Single pumpers, there is just no compairson to which is superior. Even the look of the AFB is superior to the W's. As YOU said, the W's LACK performance capabilities, and I said, all they are good for is satisfing judges. EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY, AND A HAPPY FIFTH ON THE FIRST!


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