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From: alumcan
Date: December 12, 2001
Time: 22:54:23


Hey Herman, what's a goin on out there? The 'Cheaters' is the name of a neat car club over there in Switzerlnd. They posted in this section many 'moons' ago. I went into their web site looked around,,,,nice biker babes. They DO have flame throwing down to a science. Anybody see the nite' pictures of Pete's '58 Plymouth bellering fire. There also were some professional looking top chops being done. (no fill, just hammer welding) Something I wouldn't expect over there. I went over into the discussion forum and told everybody to check out their web site and the babes. (go look DEEP into archives) Then somebody with, of all things, a S-10 got into the 'exhaust fume' section wanting to know how to make for him what they were doin' over there in Switzerland. I told him to contact that Cheaters club and they would tell all about it. Then like you said 'Stoneman', then suddenly they all came out of the wood work at the same time. What I DON'T understand is how a GM/Ford/Rambler/King Midget, or a (censored) John Deere lawn mower guy is 'truckin' around in this site???? I went into the GM site only once trying to find out production figures for a guy's, that I use to work with, '40 Chevy. I've NEVER been back. I would think that IF I had a chevy something or other, and wanted to make big fire come out of the back of it,,,I wouldn't go into MoPar site and say Lookey Here! I got this here chevy that has dual plane that, and reversed mirrors this, and a gold plated penis pump gear shift handle, that's better that anything you guys can think up,,,,tell me how you make fire! There are NOT many people on this site that would help them, with that kind of attitude. Like you said, let 'em read a little bit, the 'other brands' must NOT know how to read. There is one post that goes pretty much in detail how to it. It's the same principle, wether you're making flame throwers on a Kenworth or a Briggs and Stratton. Good Grief, over and over,,,,. Now if they said I want to have that cool flame thowing exhaust on my 'twice pipes',,,,,then, maybe someone would direct them to the Cheaters web site, or maybe tell them how to 'make fire'. You 'Other' (you know who you are) makes, like it was said, need to start a flame throwing section in the web sites that pertain to your make of vehicle. Or re-word your requests! You know, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. You people made your bed, now go sleep in it, or go get some tail-fin MoPars. No brainer. We the FwdLk bunch really shouldn't give the Cheaters hell for starting this flame feces. I'M the one who got the FwdLk to look at the Cheaters site. I think it all started when Pete had a ad in the 'wanted' section and I awnsered it. Several e-Mails back and forth, that is when I posted in the 'discussion forum'. So give ME hell for encouraging a guy with a '58 Plymouth in a foreign country who thinks the Americans and their cars are neat. You ever wonder how much it costs for them just to get a AMERICAN car over seas? They must like us a lot to pay THAT kind of money. Example: did anyone look at the pictures of a guy's '59 four door sedan. He wanted a two door hard top, but could't afford to have one shipped, so he MADE one! More work than I would want to do! THAT KIND OF DEDICATION TO MOPAR TAIL-FINS REALLY IMPRESSES ME! A couple of you ought to give Pete a apology. He did NOT do anything wrong. Maybe it was ME! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERONE! GET READY TO HAVE A HAPPY FIFTH ON THE FIRST! WHOO-HAW


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