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Re: To the Flamethrowers

From: Joe Mac
Email: mopar58
Date: December 12, 2001
Time: 15:02:33


Relax Pete, you're missing the point. This web page is supposed to cover discussiion of Mopar hot-rodding, specifically Forward Look Mopars. Somehow it got off on this flamethrower tangent so that now every pyromaniac that searches the web for flamethrowers winds up here. You're right that you can discuss this stuff ad nauseum if you want to. I suggest that if there are enough of you guys out there that are into hydrocarbon pyrotechnics that you start your own website. You can call it Hot Rod Flamers or Flaming Cheaters or whatever turns you on. I'd like to see this page get back to things like what's the performance increase when installing a low restriction exhaust system and balance pipe in place of a standard dual exhaust, or what new production Carter AFB's most closely replace the D500 dual quads that I'm not willing to mortgage my house for. Any thoughts guys?


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