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Re: To the Flamethrowers

From: jmills
Email: noyb
Date: December 10, 2001
Time: 22:46:13


My flamethrowers are on a 1957 savoy, a forward look car and I don't mind a few people with other brands asking a few questions, if you are here you are a fan of the forward thinking of chrysler in the late 50's. Not everyone has the money or the skill to have a nice plymouth or dodge. I have other brands myself and love them as much as my plymouth. So play nice or your fans will be asking questions on the 57 chevy forum. P.S. go ahead and steam get all mad at me I have a cool savoy and have fun with it and don't care who reads a forum on forward look cars. Oh yeah I kind of like volvo's and buicks.


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