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From: jmills
Email: noyb that is none of your business
Date: December 08, 2001
Time: 22:43:03


I would like to make a recomendation to anyone who is considering flame throwers. Be carefull and be somewhat modest with it. I have ran flamethrowers on my 57 savoy for around 3 years now and have burnt the edges of my taillights and the numbers off my license plate. But if you must here is the low down, you can try to find a pair of model t coils in working order and get the living crap shocked out of yourself or you can buy the electronic box. The vendor for the box advertises in american rodder look close you will find it. The way it works is you fire spark plugs in your tail pipes and rev up your engine and cut the ignition on your engine. The gas air mixture that should be running your car then lights off in your tailpipes. This is hard on your engine and dirties oil quickly. The problem is when you get good and start pulling out the choke while doing this (big fire, fouled spark plugs)and while the car is moving (big fire, fouled spark plugs,burnt tail lights, and upset police). Oh the price of being cool. If you are still wanting to do this and need some help with minor details e-mail me at and I will try to anser what I know but remember I am not an expert just someone who has screwed up every way possible with flamethrowers and may have an anser.


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