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Re: Well, no luck :(

From: Eddie M.
Email: Imperial57
Date: December 03, 2001
Time: 21:30:37


Dennis, With all that said, You could also have a problem with you're valve body. The valve body directs all the ATF to the right clutches and bands. If a stuck spool valve, broken spring,cracked body etc were to happen then what you have experienced will happen. Believe me, it happens to brand new cars and trucks. I know it first hand. I've fixed them! You did the right first step and took the easiest approach. No sense in busted yourself up if you don't have to. But, to accuratley perform the diag, you will have to know line pressures, gov. pressures etc, to attack this thing. You'll get. You have to. That Shop Manual is Invaluable. Trust me.


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