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Well, no luck :(

From: Dennis
Date: December 03, 2001
Time: 08:41:12


Well Eddie, no luck, unfortunately. I tried the adjustment yesterday. I did as follows... put the car on 4 jackstands. I went through every possible hole adjustment on the adjuster wheel, one hole at a time. Through the entire neutral safety switch range, the car still responded the same way. It never engaged REVERSE and NEUTRAL was still a forward gear. Neutral is acting the same as 1st gear (gauged by speedometer) I'm completely stumped now. The closest I could get to normalcy was where when placed in Neutral the trans would act as 1st gear, the slip into neutral after 2 seconds, but when going into REVERSE, the wheels would not turn and given gas, you could discern engine strain. I'm baffled. I appreciate your help in the adjustment diagnosis. I bought a shop manual on eBay late last week, so maybe when it comes in, it'll shed more light on what's wrong, but I can almost see a big rebuild fee in my future. :( -Dennis Thank you again though. Any other thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.


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