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Re: motor change

From: Eddie M.
Email: Imperial57
Date: November 28, 2001
Time: 10:07:38


Ready ? First, you can do this a couple of ways! You may want to scoure want ads or junk yards for an "A" body,V8 car and swap the "K" frame. The "K" frame supports the engine. Engine electrical harness may be retained,but I recommend getting a new one from Year One. You will have to pull that 7 3/4 rear and replace it with an 8 3/4 at minimum. The old rear will not hold up too well under heavy duty use. The torsion bars on the car could be retained if you don't care too much about handling! Or upgrade them to Big block torsion bars. Make sure you're frame is strong and not rusted out! You will be very sorry if you don't check first! On the trans side, you will have to change the radiator,since manual trans don't have a cooler beneath them. A donor car can provide a new steering column to replace the three speed,and if you get a 1965 or newer car, you can use this column to make you're automatic gear selection,since the donor car will have the linkage to boot! Trans bracket should be booted also,it is different with a three speed. There are after market kits now that you don't have to pull the "K" frame and you may want to consider this also. A small block V8(273,318,340,360) is maybe a better balanced choice,since they are lighter on the front end and built properly,can provide outrageous performance. Give this all a lot of thought! It's a lot of work. Good luck!


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