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1956 New Yorker

From: Earl Schibe
Date: November 06, 2001
Time: 22:22:52


I was just thinking about the first time I saw those new cars coming off the carriers in Oct.of '55 Wow, I said . They were beautes! Luxury,comfort,the ride that was smooth as anything! Now, I go into this boneyard last year. What do I see ? A beaten to hell '56 St.Regis Newport Coupe Having its engine yanked and the rest of it going to the crusher. Man ,what a heartbreak! I spoke to the owner of the yard and he had similiar memories, he said man,ain't no one that wants it.And lookey here I'm saving the dang engine and trans. Can't save em all! Good point! I said. But all I was thinking about how good they looked back then. Life goes on. Don't you wish it was '55 again?


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