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Re: Putting 3.55 sure grip into original 8 3/4 housing in my 59?

From: Curtis
Date: October 25, 2001
Time: 23:28:19


Thanks for the reply, I ran across that article myself after I posted my question. Looks like my memory wasn't too far off - pre-64 sure-grip axles are about 1/8" shorter than open-differential axles. However, I've heard from three different people who have swapped sure-grip chunks into 57-59 rears without any modifications to the axles. I can't quite figure that how they did that. Since I have several later style 8 3/4 axle assemblies (one each B, C and E body rears), it might be safer to just swap one of them in. At least I know how to work on them.


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