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Re: 1957 Imperial Seek and search radio

From: Frank J. Worsham, Jr.
Date: October 06, 2001
Time: 08:57:01


Hi, I have a problem with the seek/ search on my 1957 Imperial. The tuner is fine,a well as the antennae . The radio will get in ststions manually,but if I hit local or distant the tuner will search forever and a day. It will stop at stations for milli-seconds and keep humming away. I'd like to know if anyone else has the same problem and has a cure for it. What is published in the shop manual is limited,as many of you know! Thanks. Sorry, had to copy it to re-read it as I type. Hello, I restore antique radios as a side job and I think I can help. You need to test all of your tubes first. Looking at the schematic if a '57 Plymouth search-tune radio (which should be the same for an Imperial as far as I know both were made by Philco)I would especially check the 12AD6 trigger detector and the 12K5 Audio Driver/Relay trigger tubes. These control your "search-tune" functions. If you need these tubes replaced check an old TV repair shop or special order them at a local Radio Shack. This is probably what your problem is, a bad tube. The circuitry of the search-tune function is very simple so, there's mothing much to go wrong with it. Hope this helps. If you still have problems, e-mail me privatley and I'll do what I can. If the tubes I listed are not matching up with the numbers for your radio, follow the schematic to find the tubes listed under the functions I listed (these should be on the right side of the schematic). Good Luck, Frank


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