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Re: 1959 361 to a 383

From: mike myhrvold
Date: October 05, 2001
Time: 08:56:43


The only difference between the 361 and the 383(low block)is the bore. Depending on what you want to do, you can hop up a 361 with the same parts as a 383 (except pistons). Years ago, when the rear main seal went bad in my 1968 Roadrunner, I ran a 1963 hipo 361 for about 20,000 miles. Then I put the heads, intake and carburetor from that engine on a 1970 Super Bee 383 for a couple of years. Of course when I could afford to rebuild my 383 and put it back together with a 750 cfm AVS from a 440, it was faster. But if you aren't racing, a good hopped up 361 is close to a 383.


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