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Re: 270 ci Hemi 4 Barrel Intake Manifold

From: pete
Date: October 03, 2001
Time: 20:16:29


The guy who posted the previous note was either joking or he doesn't have a clue about dodge hemis. If you had a chrysler hemi, I could sell you four barrel intakes all day long at around 50 bucks each. (that would be a good price. I have seen them as high as 150 but there are plenty of them around and demand isnt high) There are enough hot rod idiots who rob early chrysler hemis and toss the cast iron intakes when they switch to something lighter. (alum) So... there are plenty of cast iron intakes out there. Dodge made so few 4 barrel intakes for the "low block" hemis.. As I understand it, it was only available as the "power-package" option in 55 and 56. You may be able to find a 4 barrel for your dodge for around 250+.. The "going rate" seems to be around 300 these days...(that is.. "if" you can find one... seems pretty steep.. but they are pretty rare. Good luck.... and if you ever come across one.. get out your checkbook and don't hesitate.. or it will sell before you have time to post on this forum!


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