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'62-'64 727's can use your '58's dashboard pushbuttons

From: Daven Anderson
Date: September 20, 2001
Time: 19:41:22


Why rule out '62-up engines just because you want to keep your pushbuttons? All you need is a '62 to '64 (or '65 with '62-'64 valve body swapped in) 727 behind the later engine. Your '58's shifter cable hooks right up to the later trannies. The 1962 B-engine 727 even has a driveshaft parking brake like the earlier trannies. You can bolt the '62-64(5) B-727 right onto any 383-400-440. The pushbutton 727's weigh 65 lbs. less than the cast iron Torqueflites AND it's easier to get parts for them! Since they shift with the original '57-'61 Torqueflite dash buttons,there's really no reason NOT to use one if you're swapping in a non-original engine anyway. (AND you have a much greater selection of engines to choose from!)


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