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Re: Early 383 vs. 413

From: adam
Date: September 19, 2001
Time: 06:34:21


Steven, If you want to make power, start with the larger engine. The longer stroke crank in the 413 allows the engine to make more torque than the 383 for the same RPM. Torque is what moves the car down the road and that's just what you need in a heavy car like the 58. Of, course, either engine can be modified to produce more power. Don't forget, the 426 MAX WEDGE was based on the 413. Be realistic about how you will use the car. Build a smaller displacement, high and fast revving engine by all means if that's how you intend to drive. The 383 can be made to perform very well but a more relaxing cruise will be had with the larger engine. You can fit post 73 heads with hardened valve seats to the 413 for unleaded gas and most late 440 speed parts will fit the 413 if you want to spiff it up a bit. The major difference between the early and late engines is the crankshaft flange where it bolts to the flywheel or converter. Most other equipment is a straight bolt on. I'm putting a late 440 together for my 57 Fury but using the pushbuttons to activate the nitrous. Different strokes etc. Check out the websites for Edelbrock and Mopar Performance when you have time. I hope this helps you in your choice. Email me for further discussion if you wish. I've already taken up too much space here.


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