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roddin my 55

From: Jake Korinek
Date: August 16, 2001
Time: 14:41:36


I was given a 55 windsor deluxe 4dr from my uncle. i am 16 and the car needs i figur i should paint a mural of the ocean or something to that effect. If i want to drive the car i want a 12 volt battery system, and i have heard of a product that uses 2 6 volts to start the car, bot only 1 to power the stero and lights etc. i would like to install a stero and i dont know if its possible to do so using that system. I would also lke to do some engine work to make it faster but i dont want to really go that deep with has a 301v8, is there any cheap tricks to get a little more power? the car only has 67,000 orig. miles on it. if an one has any suggestions email me or just leave a reply here. thanks, Jake


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