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From: Gary
Date: July 22, 2001
Time: 18:41:47


Back when the fins were the thing, sedans were advertised as practical family cars. For a young man to own a sedan of any kind is like owning a mini-van today. It just wasn't cool to have a post, although 2-door sedans were almost acceptable. Four-door hardtops were only a notch cooler than 2-door posts.

A big selling point was the fact that sedans had more head room than a hardtop. Many men still wore hats in the 50's, and you couldn't wear one in a hardtop unless you were very short.

The hardtops were actually called hard top convertibles. They were lower and sportier than sedans, therefore parts above the belt line are not shared. Styling was king during that era, unlike today where pollution controls, electronic gadgets and creature comforts drive design.

While I can appreciate some of today's creature comforts, the styling generally sucks. Give me Virgil Exner and Raymond Loewy every time.


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