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Re: Cool Flame throwers

From: joe
Date: June 24, 2001
Time: 15:50:45


i am researching the concept of adding some propane flames to my 96 F-150. below is a email i sent with my approach to setting the system up:

...."...Paul, While researching materials for an intended project, I stumbled across your webpage. Your gadgets are great. I wanted to ask your advice on my project. I am planning on using propane to cast flames from the exhaust on my F-150. I plan on having a rather simple set up... I want to use a an open/close valve(not a regulated valve.. not sure where to find a valve like this,, one that will mount directly to a small Coleman tank anyway) mounted on the Coleman tank so I can easily change tanks.. From there I would run solenoid valve with the switch mounted in my dash. Then I thought I could just T my piping and go straight to both exhaust tips.. I would drill the appropriate holes in the tips and insert my tube endings. Behind the mounted tubes I guess I would have spark plugs. I am not sure how to operate the spark plugs. Could I just hook them up to my coil and they would spark constantly, or is there an easier way to get them to spark? Assuming the plugs spark constantly I would just use my solenoid valve to turn the gas on and off and that would operate my flame exhaust. Does that sound like a good plan. Is there a better way to do it? Do I have to worry about the propane burning back into the tank? It will not burn back through my tubing all the way to the tank causing an explosion, will it? I wish there was an easy way to ignite the flames. I assume spark plugs would be good but what do they need to spark without a coil?....."

Does this sound like an efective method. do i have to worry about flames making it back to the tank?

i would appriciate any info and where i could find the parts. thanks for your time



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