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Cool Flame throwers

From: Doo Wop Al
Date: May 19, 2001
Time: 10:23:50


Each June, on Father's Day weekend, I DJ the annual Famous 50s Northeast Nationals, in Catskill, NY. I usually take either my '58 or my kustom '60 Plymouth which I installed throwers on. There are usually at least a dozen other flamers there too. Most of them are able to shoot 30 footers with the aid of Coleman fuel tank and nozzles. If anyone can make the show, the guys are more than happy to explain thier systems to interested parties. It's quite a show at night too! I simply used the Hot Rod's of Norco kit on my '60, with two coils/plugs in each of my megaphone tips exiting under the rear bumper. I thought about the fuel injected flames, but decided it would not be a good idea on a '60 Plymouth due to the extremely close location of the gas tank and the rear filler tube right there a foot or so from the tips, behind the plate holder! It's fun, but watch the wind direction and use lead blankets if you plan on installing the big ones!


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