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Massive Flame throwing exhaust......!

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: May 11, 2001
Time: 01:04:03


I have seen some pics in numerous magazines of cars with massive flames shooting out the exhaust. I have planned to hook up a simple one from "Hot Rod's" out of California, but I can't see getting more than a few feet (if that) of flames shooting out. Does anyone know how these guys get these massive bursts of flames? better yet, anyone have any printed info or how to on doing this? I won't bother to ask about the safety risk, because massive flames blowing out the exhaust can't be all that safe to begin with. I am wondering if they use a propane or some sort of injected gas to increase the burst, and if so how do they do it without killing themselves? Any help would be cool. Thanks all.........Pony


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