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Big Block Vin Decoding

From: Adam Green
Date: April 28, 2001
Time: 07:12:12


I have just aquired a 440 B/B for my project 57 Fury. The numbers on the I.D. pad are.... J 440 PH 3C 11827 SP 4 10

According to reference in Big Block Mopar performance, J = 1973 build year 440 = Displacement PH = ? Is it H for 4bbl and P for premium fuel or a typo for HP which is Hi-Po? Then we get to the SP. Again P for Premium fuel which would mean it was stamped twice and lastly S which = Special. The main query is, what is special about it? Any help greatly appreciated. Also, just for info. I have fitted a rear axle from a 71 Challenger to the Fury. It bolts right in with no mods needed as the width is identical. Real brakes at last!


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