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Re: The 270 poly...

From: Tim
Date: March 31, 2001
Time: 10:33:20


Concerning the Early Dodge Polys (hemi relatives with one rocker shaft)I have made this conversion on Dodges (Tall and short) and have used the poly pistons, no mods were needed -valve relief was very close to hemi style. The intake manifold is interchangeable as well. Engines run Great, ample power, runs till 5000 rpm (and more) with no problem. Besides the complete head assembly you need the push rods, exhaust manifolds and of course the gaskets, then your in business. On one particular engine I milled the heads 40 thou, reground the stock cam to 410 lift, used vs510 sealed power valve springs, and a 340 Double roller timing chain ( 0n 270 this requires the 56 poly cam with internal thread nose ), very inexspensive mods for great results. Also I had read that early Hemi's like cam advance, the double roller allows you to advance 4 deg, I think this engine liked that- it has very snappy throttle reponse.


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