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3:73....and yes,it could be a factory 8

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 09, 2001
Time: 12:45:51


Sure thing,Brian. The standard ratio for the L6 stick cars was 3:73 (4:10 for overdrive-equipped or 'mountain area' cars).

The shop manuals were written before production started,so they don't cover running changes in production that are covered in the all-important dealer service bulletins! See now James may have the 3:36 or 3:31 ratio even though the shop manual would say 3:54, because of the midyear running changes (listed in my reply to his post).

Your six/stick car could very well have a factory 8" rear. In fact,it was supposed to if the axle was 4:10 (or 4:56 special order). Even for a 3:73 ratio,the factory would use 8" rears if that was specified on the order,or even substitute the 8" if the factory happened to run out of the regular rear axles that week. I've seen musclecar-era Mopars where the Dana 60 rearend was fitted at no extra charge because the factory was out of the 3:55 8" rears that week! My grandmother's '66 Charger was one such car,but I've seen others.


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