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3 different std. ratios,depending on what date the car was built.

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 08, 2001
Time: 00:11:20


'57 V8 Powerflite Plymouths have 3 different standard axle ratios depending on when the car was built. Cars before Feb.15th would have the 3:54 ratio std.,Feb. 16th to June 30 would have the 3:36 ratio,and July 1st to the end would have the 3:31 ratio.

The 'mountain area' axle ratio was 3:73,and other ratios could be special ordered or installed by the dealer.

If the car is a 6 cyl. Powerflite,the standard ratio all year was 3:73 (3:90 for 'mountain area' application).


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