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318 V8's were STANDARD in '61 Fury Convertibles!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 23, 2001
Time: 00:31:36


Oooh,boy this car sounds like a butcher job! I thought you might like to know that V8's were standard in all full-size 1955-64 Plymouth convertibles. So when you say "slant six and 3 speed floorshift",who in the ____ put THAT in there? What ELSE did he do to this poor car would be a good question!

They are unibodies,I'd look at the trunk floor VERY carefully (especially for a convertible),and the brake drums are the "impossible" parts to get as far as mechanical parts go.

Can a good one be a reliable recreational driver? You bet,mine is! Cheap daily driver? If you want a 'cheap daily driver' Mopar convertible,I would suggest a 1963-69 Valiant or Dart convertible with a slant six. As much as I love '61 Furys (I have two),they are just NOT cheap daily drivers! It takes some dedication to keep one running,even as a recreational driver. "Take it from one who knows..."


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