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Re: Truck project, the revenge

From: Pete
Date: February 01, 2001
Time: 15:55:20


I have a '53 Chevy 1/2 ton and had installed a disc brake kit, power steering conversion, and kept the original i-beam axle and springs. My experience with this setup was that the brakes were great, and it was easy to parallel park, but the ride and handling was still 48 years old. The truck felt like it would tip over in a hard corner and the suspension was really bouncy. After a long ride I was worn out. Not happy with this configuration, I bit the bullet and installed a Heidts mustang II crosmember. Since I didn't have much to spend on the new system, I used the basic crosmember and supplied the rest of the components from a juck yard, and replaced all of the bushings, etc. With a front torsion bar, I can now drive the truck as fast as I want and not worry about making the next corner. It can now handle the horsepower under the hood. The ride is fairly smooth, and not bouncy like before. What I don't like about it now is the manual steering rack. It is much too hard to steer when you are not moving down the road. On the highway, however, it is fine. I will probably put a power rack on next. The installation was very easy, it took a couple of weekends and it was done. Good luck with your truck, Pete


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