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Re: Truck project, the revenge

From: Mike Patterson
Date: January 22, 2001
Time: 22:03:00


Just a thought, explore using a mid seventies Chrysler products "bent torsion bar" sub frame. (Aspen/Volare, Diplomat, Fifth Ave etc.) It's a popular swap around here for early trucks. (I did a Mustang II setup on a customers 53 Chevy pass car a few years ago, and was not very happy with it (different company)and as one atricle I read once put it, "why use a disc brake setup that was barely adaquate for the mustang II". (I'll probably get some flack for that). Anyway I personally did a Diplomat sub frame under a 52 Ford F1 a few years back and am planning the same for a 54 Studebaker truck. These are a drop out units, that can be either bolted (after appropriate tabs are made) or welded to the existing frame rails. Some triming (and extensive measuring) is required. I personally prefer it to cutting one frame and welding a new one on. I also really love the torsion bars for setting ride height. Anyway, just food for thought, it sure made the old ford I had fun to drive.


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