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Truck project, the revenge

From: Brian Cooper
Date: January 22, 2001
Time: 14:36:43


I bought a 50 Dodge truck that will be small block powered with an auto tranny. The problem I am having is trying to figure out what to do with the front suspension. Fat Man Fabrications makes a Mustang II kit, and a dropped spindle kit, and a power steering / disc brake setup for stock spindles. I can't figure out if it is worth the money ($1800-$2000) for the Mustang II kit, or if I should just hang disc brakes on the stock spindles. I am not going for a lowrider, but a good looking daily driver. Would the solid beam front end be too harsh for daily driving? If I go with the stock suspension will I need power steering if I plan to tow and use a small block? Should I forget about both and use a frame off a seventies truck? I think swapping frames or subframing the truck are both going to be the hardest rout to acomplish. I don't want to blow the bank on the front end and not have the dough to finish the truck out. I am also hesitant to swap frames and not be able to finish the swap without calling a pro shop to get the bosy on right. It may be out of my ability, but don't really know. If I did subframe it, could the subframe on the 57 plymouth parts wagon be a candidate? I plan to drive it daily when done, with vintage air, power brakes, and use it to tow the boat and the other cars in an emergency. I chose the old truck for the looks. Also, will I go to hell if I use the done and paid for Chevy motor out of my wife's Camaro when we put the 427 in it?


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