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Re: Radio Install

From: Brian Cooper
Date: December 05, 2000
Time: 11:11:52


Those conversions are WAY out of my budget! I am trying to use my old 6x9's in bask and 4 1/2's in front over and just put the radio someplace else. It used to hang under the dash using the bolt holes for the highway hifi (which I know I'll never afford!) but that looked cheesey. I have a box to mount it in now, but still don't think I will be happy with the results. I also can't bring myself to cut the original delete plat up in case I take the care back pure stock (remove the radio I put in out of another 57, remove the clock, etc.) I agree that converting the am unit I have is the best bet, but it's just too high right now. And there is no way I'm cutting my original glove box liner up.

Thanks for looking out for me, any other ideas before I hang it under the dash again?


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