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Re: Radio Install

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: December 05, 2000
Time: 06:15:33


Well, if you want to keep that original looking radio, you could have your factory one sent out to be AM/FM converted. Not cheap by any means, but it will have a functional AM/FM while keeping the old AM faceplate. I hear that they can also hook up something so that you can run a remote multiple disc CD changer with the AM/FM conversion. This is what I plan to have done when my car is at that stage. Or if you don't care what the radio looks like you could get a radio delete plate and have a newer style radio mounted to that. Either way there is really almost no reason to have to deface the dashboard in any way, and it would be a lot easier than fiddeling under a seat or in a glove box to find a station or pop in a tape or CD. But hey, it's your car, do what ever you find the best for you. If you're interested in the conversions pick up a copy of Hemmings and look under services offered. If you want a radio delete plate it shouldn't be hard to come across one. Good luck.......Pony


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