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Addendum to what Jeff said

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury>at<
Remote Name:
Date: January 19, 2004


Jeff said most of what you need to know (1962 V8 crank flange changes, A and B V8's don't interchange). The pre-62 A and early Hemi pattern is the same as the '62-up A-LA ('small block') pattern except for the location of the right bottom bolt. Meaning if you change a pre-62 poly V8 to a '62-up crank, you can then bolt up the '62-up trans. in all holes except the right bottom bolt. You could drill & tap the block if you're paranoid, but the remaining bolts should be enough. Another thing to keep in mind is that transmission adapters for the early Hemi (as sold by ) can be used with pre-62 A 'poly' engines as well, there are adapters for many types of later Chrysler and even GM/Ford transmissions as well.


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