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Re: Cast Iron TorqueFlite

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: January 10, 2004


The cast iron T-Flite (also known as the A466 series trans)did vary from application and model year. Though most will interchange, there are some difference beyond the termination of the shifter cable into the transmission, which is a earlier than 1958 and 1958 and later break point (someone clarify this if I am wrong on this year thing). Largest difference had to do with the number of clutch plates in the low/reverse drum (Police and Chrysler 300s had more), and the fact that some T-Flites used air-cooled converters (mostly Plymouth and Dodge engines) versus water cooled converters (higher rated engines). Also, The Truck/Taxi units (Loadflites) had heavier duty bushings and thrust washers in them, and I believe also iron versus aluminum reactor/pump shaft collars. That said, from an interchangeability standpoint, if you get the correct bellhousing, you can put one behind any engine, and it should be a better unit than the old P-Flite. Best units to get are the ones from behind 392s or the RB wedge engines, as they will have at least medium to possibly some heavy-duty pieces in them. If you rebuild one, try to get the upgraded pieces to replace anything marginal, since I am sure you only want to do this ONCE!


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