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shaving a 57 torqueflite

From: j.d.
Remote Name:
Date: December 23, 2003


o.k. heres one for everyone to think about. i have a 360 that everyone tells me CAN NOT be done. but i beleive i have found a way to do it. since it's a two piece tranny, take the bellhousing off the tranny and take it to a machine shop (unless you can do it yourself) and have them shave 5/8 of an inch off of it. the front of the bellhousing is not thick enought for the complete shaving so have the main amount shaved off of the rear of the bellhousing. let me know what everyone thinks. if that idea would work, then the only other thing that might stop this will be the converter it's self. what i mean is the 360 has a 6 bolt pattern versus the the original engine that has an 8 bolt pattern. so you wouldn't be able to use the original converter. so my question is will a newer converter's splines match the tranny's splines. thanks for the critisism and helpful thought. the only reason i don't want to do this is because i like to do things that i'm told can't be done.and also my tranny is already rebuilt because i thought i was going to use the 301 til i had it checked out and was told the block was cracked . so i got the 360.


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