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'58-61 crank flanges different from '62-up --- Brakes

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury>at<
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Date: December 22, 2003


You will have to use pre-1962 transmissions with your '59 383 unless you remove the crankshaft and install a 1962-71 383 crankshaft in that block (this allows use of the 727 Torqueflites, including the 1962-64 pushbutton 727's, which can be shifted from the 1956-61 Torqueflite dash pushbuttons. (RND321 that is, the 1956-61 cars don't have the 'park' lever of the pushbutton 727's) As far as the brakes go, several different master cylinders can be used for the disc conversions. the '73-76 A-body manual disc cylinder, the '73-78 B-body manual disc cylinder, or the lightweight units in the Mopar Performance catalog have all been used in F.L. cars. Brake lines are changed to accomodate the dual chamber master cylinder as well, usually custom-made out of brake line tubing from auto parts stores.


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