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Jessica for Prez (save the environment, recycle old cars!)

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury>at<
Remote Name:
Date: December 13, 2003


Hank, what do you MEAN she'd upset the enviromentalists? Recycling old cars takes FAR FAR less natural resources than building a new car! A REAL enviromentalist would drive only rebuilt old cars (ideally, slant six Darts with added-on catalytic converters and EFI). Yeah, Jessica would be a better prez than Daven. Daven gets in too much trouble for refusing to do work for idiots,(not just the '47 Dodge), and of course Daven was posting Lars' e-mail address all over the board instead of ignoring him like he probably should have! I don't care who slags who, but not putting an e-mail address when you do so, well that's just chicken-____! Jess is 100% correct that this DOES drag down our fine board, and that's why I posted Lars' e-mail all over here, hopefully to discourage him a little bit from all of his 'anonymous' slagging (or so he thought!). I've seen other car boards that have wars a lot worse than ours, though! Thanks Jessica for your necessary reminder to all of us grumpy old men on the board to behave a little bit more. You showed wisdom beyond your years!


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